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What’s New with Me These Days!
Hi Folks! So it’s been a while since I posted so I’ll give a brief update on what’s happened with me and the fam these [...]
Marathons I’ve run and Which ones I’d do again!
Hi folks! I’ve done a few marathons, 14 now at this point! Here’s what I have run: Portland (OR) 3X Newport (OR) 2X Eugene Pacific Crest Vancouver USA Tri-Cities (WA) Chicago Houston Boston Honolulu Victoria [...]
My Pacific Crest Marathon Weekend…
I just ran my 7th marathon: the Pacific Crest Marathon in Sunriver, located in beautiful central Oregon. This weekend was a bit of a multi-purpose weekend for my husband [...]
Chocolate Cherry Muffins Recipe
I was in a bit of a baking mood tonight and for once actually had some frozen cherries on hand so I thought I’d give this recipe a try. This [...]
Chocolate Stout Cupcakes Recipe – So Yummmy!!
If you haven’t tried this recipe yet– please do!! It is absolutely a 5 STAR Recipe! In honor of my kids’ last day of school I made our new [...]
My Top 10 tips for First Time Marathoners and Those in Training!
Some of these tips will obviously apply to someone contemplating running their 1st marathon while other tips will be more [...]
Raspberry Chocolate Raw Tarts Recipe (Alkaline Dessert)
I made these terrific little tarts today in honor of Memorial Day! I’ve wanted to try out this recipe from the [...]
My New Bling Bling!
Here’s my new Bling Bling I’m getting for Mother’s Day and in honor of the Royal Wedding! Here’s the link to my new ring!
“Really AWESOME Protein Pancakes” Recipe
I’m a big fan of pancakes!  Once a week at our house, I make “breakfast for dinner” which consists of scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes. I think [...]
Favorite Workout/Race Tunes
So here it is – a Big list of Cool Workout and Race tunes submitted by a bunch a really cool People! Thanks so much to all those [...]
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